Man rock climbing a mountain

51 Affirmations for Success to Stay Motivated (+ Printable)

Affirmations for success help internalize the feeling that you’re heading towards something great and can accomplish anything. Over time, affirmations help reinforce a positive way of thinking and improve your ability to achieve success. Feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem limit your potential. They create an inaccurate view of the world in your head—one in…

Statue of Seneca

Premeditatio Malorum: The Stoic Art of Worst-Case Scenarios

Premeditatio malorum is the practice of visualizing what could go wrong in life in order to be practically and emotionally prepared for what may come. It is a key component of the ancient Roman philosophy of Stoicism. According to the Stoics of ancient Rome, by shielding yourself from the horrible things that may happen in…

A woman in a field practicing mindfulness with her hand over her heart and eyes closed

World Mindfulness Day is September 12

Mindfulness Day happens every year on September 12. Mindfulness Day was first launched by the nonprofit Wisdom Publications in 2010 as a way to spread awareness about mindfulness. People celebrate Mindfulness Day by engaging in meditation or yoga, by joining a group mindfulness activity, or by using the occasion to kick off a new mindfulness…

Using Urge Surfing to Stop Cravings

Urge Surfing (How to Stop Cravings Mindfully)

Urge surfing is a way to create a mindful pause between cravings and action by “riding the wave” of your urges as they rise and subside. By surfing urges instead of acting on them right away, you can give yourself a chance to choose the action you want to take, rather than doing it on…

Mantras for Confidence Featured 2

15 Empowering Mantras for Confidence (+ Printable)

Mantras for confidence can help you cultivate trust in yourself, your instincts, and your abilities. Oftentimes, feelings of low self-esteem can create a distorted view of the world in which you underestimate yourself and your own strengths. This list of mantras for confidence is designed to build feelings of self-worth, trust, and belief in yourself….

Self Love Meditation Featured

A 9-Minute Guided Self-Love Meditation Script (PDF + Audio)

A self love meditation is a way to internalize compassion and love for yourself. This short guided meditation for self love can help you start to rewire your brain for self love, positivity, and inherent worthiness. For some reason, we often tend to treat ourselves worse than we treat others. Forgiving ourselves is often harder…

Confidence Meditation

A 9-Minute Guided Confidence Meditation Script (+ Audio)

A confidence meditation is one way to begin to trust yourself, and your own intuition, in a stronger way. This short meditation will help you make progress towards building trust and confidence in yourself. By repeating affirmations that promote trust in yourself and increased self-worth, you can internalize an enhanced sense of confidence. Over time,…

Man with beard smiling and repeating mantras for self love

15 Self Love Mantras to Increase Compassion (+ Printable)

Mantras for self love are a way to become more loving and compassionate towards yourself. Over time, self love mantras can help your default mode of thinking become increasingly positive. The following list of mantras for self love can help you start to rewire your brain towards seeing your inherent worth. For some reason, loving…

Mantras to live by - woman holding a cup of coffee and smiling

191 Mantras to Live By (+ Printable List of Mantras)

Choosing a few mantras to live by can help you understand your values and what’s important to you. Repeating those mantras regularly can help you keep your focus on the things that matter to you. By going through this list of mantras, you can find the ones that resonate with you most—and take action on…

Woman sitting in field of yellow flowers practicing mindfulness exercises

33 Mindfulness Exercises for Present-Moment Living

Mindfulness exercises are a form of mental training, helping you live more in the present each day. By choosing mindfulness exercises that fit neatly into your life, building awareness can become an easier process. From “urge surfing” to mindful hugs to mantra meditation, this list of mindfulness exercises has something for everyone. Building mindfulness into…

Gratitude affirmations - man laughing in the sun

71 Gratitude Affirmations for a Thankful Life (+ PDF)

Gratitude affirmations can help you grow in appreciation for every aspect of your life. Gratitude has a compounding effect – the more you express it each day, the more things you find to be grateful for. This list of affirmations is designed to help you cultivate feelings of gratitude and appreciation. It’s easy to fall…

Affirmations for Confidence - Photo of a confident woman

77 Confidence Affirmations to Improve Self-Esteem

Affirmations for confidence can help you strengthen your trust in yourself and in your own instincts and abilities. Feelings of low self-esteem create an inaccurate view of the world that makes you underestimate yourself and your own strengths. This list of affirmations is designed to build feelings of confidence, self-worth, and belief in yourself. Feelings…

Woman putting her hands over her heart lovingly - self love affirmations

71 Affirmations for Self Love (+ Printable)

Affirmations for self love are a way to internalize compassion and love for yourself. Over time, affirmations can help replace these negative thoughts with positive thoughts. This list of 71 self love affirmations can help you start to rewire your brain for self love, positivity, and inherent worthiness. For some reason, it’s often easier to…

5 people practicing yoga in front of the sunrise

17 Mindfulness Group Activities

There’s way more variety to group mindfulness activities than the seated meditation, group yoga, and gratitude lists that most of us first think of. From outside meditation to group hugs to mindful cooking classes, the options for mindful group activities are endless. When you’re designing mindfulness activities for groups, it can be hard to know…

A young child practicing mindfulness by doing yoga

15 Fun Mindfulness Activities for Kids (+ PDF)

The best mindfulness activities for kids are generally more interactive than those for adults. Fortunately, from pebble meditations to the raisin exercise to mindfulness books for children, there’s a wealth of options to help kids learn about mindfulness. If you’ve ever seen a child try and sit still on a meditation pillow – or anywhere…

A teenager hiking in the forest experiencing mindfulness with her eyes closed observing the environment

31 Fun & Calming Mindfulness Activities for Teens

Mindfulness activities for teens are similar to the activities you’d practice as an adult. But it’s important to put them in a context teenagers are interested in. That means making mindfulness exercises relevant to their lives (like meditating to make studying easier) or doing exercises that spark curiosity (like mindful eating or mindful music listening)….

Woman engaging in a mindfulness activity by contemplating with her eyes closed

25 Calming Mindfulness Activities for Adults (+ PDF)

Mindfulness activities for adults are much more diverse than the typical activities we think of first, like seated meditation and yoga. From gratitude to self-compassion, from mindful eating to mindful hugs, the options for incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life are endless. Mindfulness is such a vast topic that sometimes it’s hard to know where…

Crystal Subscription Box with three purpose crystals and lavender on a table

The 9 Best Crystal Subscription Boxes for 2023

The best crystal subscription boxes include the Crystal Variety Box, Healing Crystals, and Magickal Earth. Each box includes unique crystals to support your practice. Read on for a comparison of each box, so you can decide which is right for you. There’s nothing more exciting than getting something fun in the mail, after all, and…

A man practicing mindful cooking

9 Mindful Cooking Tips to Cook With Intention

Mindful cooking, also known as cooking meditation, is the art of cooking with patience, curiosity, and nonjudgment, while paying attention to smells and flavors. When you’re cooking mindfully, you treat cooking as if it were a meditation by approaching each action with intention, rather than rushing through it.  I’ll be honest – cooking is often…

Two people practicing movement meditation in the park

7 Movement Meditation Practices to Clear Your Mind

Movement meditation practices like yoga, walking meditation, and tai chi are a way to bring a more active energy to your meditation practice. We often think of meditation as a practice that happens in stillness – but it doesn’t have to be, as long as you’re still paying attention to the present moment, nonjudgmentally. Some…