47 Money Mantras for Financial Freedom

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Updated: November 12, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Money mantras help you combat negative money narratives like guilt, shame, or low self-worth. Over time, money mantras can improve your relationship with money and change your behavior accordingly.

Are money mantras a real thing?

They are. But they’re not magic,

The technique behind mantras has actual research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience.

For example, if your “money narrative” is:

“I feel guilty for wanting to make money.”

You’ll naturally change your behavior to fit this narrative.

An affirmation in this case might be:

I use money for good things. It’s okay to want to make money to support myself and my family.” 

By doing this, your identity shifts over time and creats a real impact on your choices and outcomes.

Money Mantras

  1. I am done playing small with money. I aim to do big things.
  2. In five years, my financial situation will be unrecognizable.
  3. My judgment around money is solid. 
  4. When opportunities arise to make money, I notice.
  5. I am intelligent with my money.
  6. Managing my money well makes me happy.
  7. I’m wise with the ways I make, spend, and invest my money.
  8. Money naturally comes my way.
  9. I am worth making more money.
  10. When receiving money, I feel gratitude rather than resistance.
  11. Money has positive associations for me.
  12. I allow myself to spend freely on the things I love.
  13. I allow myself to be generous with my money.
Money mantra: 'In five years, my financial situation will be unrecognizable'
  1. I believe I can have it both ways: do what I love and be well-compensated for it.
  2. Money is a positive influence on my life.
  3. I am already on the road to financial success.
  4. The happier I am, the more money I make.
  5. Money helps me do things that matter to me.
  6. I am worthy of being financially stable.
  7. Financial freedom is my destiny.
  8. Losses and money mistakes are necessary along the road to building wealth.
  9. Money is a good thing. It creates a positive impact in my life.
  10. It’s possible to do something I believe in and make money.
  11. Getting rich is not a bad thing.
  12. Each day, I’m more and more confident in my money instincts.
  13. When I follow my joy, I make more money.
  14. The financial goals I have today will look small in the future.
  15. Money expands what’s possible in my life.
  16. When I think of money, I feel abundance, not lack.
  17. I trust that I will have the money I need to live the life I want.
  18. I release myself from tension around money.
Money mantra: 'Money helps me do things that matter to me.'
  1. Money doesn’t have a hold over me.
  2. When I take my credit card out, I spend happily and gratefully.
  3. I know how to make money work for me.
  4. The pursuit of profit can also do good.
  5. I choose to remove limiting beliefs about how much income I deserve.
  6. Abundance is all around me.
  7. Everything I’ve learned has prepared me for the next step in my wealth journey.
Money mantra: 'It is not selfish to want to be financially stable.'
  1. My savings account will always be a sufficient safety net for me.
  2. My level of income in the future will be unrecognizable.
  3. Every skill I need to make money is inside me.
  4. The amount of money I can make is limitless.
  5. There is no reason I cannot be, or shouldn’t be, wealthy.
  6. It is not selfish to want to be financially stable.
  7. Wealth allows me to live a life I love.
  8. The things I love can become profitable for me.
  9. I’m skilled at building multiple streams of income.

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