59 Gratitude Mantras for Daily Joy

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Updated: February 21, 2024
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Mantras for gratitude help you appreciate your life by helping you focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t have. The more you express gratitude each day, the more things you find to be grateful for. This list of mantras is designed to guide you in building feelings of gratitude.

Your mindset has a powerful effect on the way you interpret the events in your life.

With gratitude, it’s possible to appreciate experiences that in the past, you might have seen as negative.

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Gratitude is a virtuous cycle: the more you practice gratitude, the more you find to be grateful for. For a guided meditation for gratitude, click here.

Let’s dive into the mantras for gratitude below.

59 Gratitude Mantras

  1. I’m grateful for the support I receive from those who care about me.
  2. I’m grateful to my body, for being my home. I commit to taking care of it.
  3. For moments of energy, inspiration, and motivation – I am grateful.
  4. For the chance to grow into the best version of myself – I am grateful.
  5. Today’s technologies allow me to keep in touch with friends and family in different cities and different countries. I’m grateful for the chance to keep my relationships strong from afar.
  6. I’m grateful for the mere fact of existing.
  7. Each day I’m able to wake up is a blessing. 
  8. Today, I did the best I could. I’m grateful for the effort I was able to give.
  9. I am grateful for the opportunity to love myself and show compassion to myself. 
  10. I am grateful to love, and I am grateful to be loved.
Two women laughing with the text 'I choose to look at the world through the lens of gratitude.'
  1. For food, water, and shelter, I am grateful.
  2. I’m grateful for animals and children, who remind us to be playful and joyful. 
  3. I’m grateful for having my voice heard and for the ability to express my thoughts.
  4. I choose to look at the world through the lens of gratitude.
  5. I commit to noticing the beauty of nature each day. 
  6. Being playful is the essence of living a life that’s full of light and joy. I commit to cultivating a playful approach to life.
  7. With each experience I have, I’m grateful for the lessons I learn along the way.
  8. When I cultivate gratitude and happiness, I not only have an impact on myself, but on those around me.
  9. I recognize that happiness is within me, and that gratitude is the basis for happiness.
  10. Gratitude helps me focus on what could go right, instead of what could go wrong.
  11. Although I’m working towards the life of my dreams, I’m grateful for what I have now.
  12. Everything I am, and everything I have, is already enough.
  13. Every experience in the past made me who I am today. I am grateful for all of them.
  14. I’m committed to a life focused on joy and appreciation for what I have.
  15. For every sigh of contentment and moment of peace in my life – I am grateful.
  16. For every feeling of surprise, of pride, and of tenderness I’ve felt – I am grateful.
Image of a woman meditating with the text 'For the moments when I'm able to release tension and stress, I'm grateful'
  1. I walk the Earth in appreciation for every living thing on the planet.
  2. I’m grateful for each sip of water and each breath of air.
  3. I strive to live each moment with appreciation, including those that are hard.
  4. For all the love and support shown to me by my partner – I am grateful.
  5. As I open my eyes each morning, I feel a sense of gratitude.
  6. Each day is a unique gift.
  7. I am grateful for the endless opportunities I have to grow.
  8. I am happy for everything I have.
  9. I’m grateful for the chance to give to others.
  10. As I breathe in, I’m breathing more gratitude into my life.
  11. I’m grateful for the chance to have an impact on others.
  12. For the moments when I’m able to release tension and stress, I’m grateful.
  13. I trust that when I do something kind, it comes back to me.
  14. I know that everything that’s happening in my life will lead me where I need to go.
  15. I’m grateful for the obstacles in life. They’re a chance to strengthen my resilience.
  16. For every laugh, smile, and moment of joy in my life – I am grateful.
  17. Each day, I move further into a state of gratitude.
  18. Life is a constant chance to learn and grow. I’m grateful to be a lifelong learner.
  19. The more I express gratitude, the more I see the world through the lens of gratitude.
  20. For each moment of kindness shown to me by others – I am grateful.
  21. For every meal I eat, I am grateful for the farmers, workers, and drivers who got the food to me.
  22. My attitude is changing from one of constriction to one of abundance.
  23. I know I already have enough.
Image of woman journaling with the text 'For my happy, positive emotions and my sad, heavy emotions, I am grateful'
  1. Today, I’m grateful to be alive.
  2. I resolve to approach the day with lightness and playfulness.
  3. For the gift of creativity, I am grateful.
  4. For my happy, positive emotions and my sad, heavy emotions, I am grateful.
  5. I’m grateful for the ability to forgive myself.
  6. I’m grateful for the ability to show compassion to myself. 
  7. I’m grateful for the unique value I bring to the world just by existing.
  8. For the chance to dream of a better future – I am grateful.
  9. I’m grateful for sunrises and sunsets.
  10. For those “aha!” moments that have led me to make changes in my life, I am grateful.

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