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Hi there—my name is Ryan Kane. I started this site because thinking about what makes humans happy and content is endlessly fascinating to me. My mindfulness practice kicked off in 2016 after I joined a ten-day silent retreat.

Mindfulness Box exists as a resource to help you navigate your path to a more peaceful life, inspire your mindfulness practice with new ideas, and tackle common questions about mindfulness, meditation and more.

I’m not a meditation teacher, so I’m not interested in the technical aspects of meditation or in dogmas. I’m just exploring practices and philosophies to help myself live a happier, calmer, more peaceful life. That’s the approach I take with my writing. I hope it’s useful to you.

For those on the path of understanding themselves more deeply, and striving towards a more peaceful and mindful day-to-day existence, you’re in the right place.

Questions? You can reach me through this form.

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