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We're here to inspire your mindfulness practice, daily. Together, we're exploring how to live more mindfully, grow our meditation practice and stay peaceful through the ups and downs of life. Let us join you on your mindfulness & meditation journey so we can grow together.

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How to Turn a Bad Day Around Feature

How to Turn A Bad Day Around

Sometimes, you just have a bad day. Whether it’s the proverbial “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” experience, or just a chain of events or emotions gone wrong, it happens to all of us. In my case, I can get easily overstimulated by the environment around me. It can make me want…

Welcome to Your Mindfulness Laboratory

Your Mind Is A Laboratory, And You’re In Charge

No one knows what it’s like to be you.  In some ways, it’s crazy, right? In this day and age where we’ve figured out everything in the physical realm—self-driving cars, people!—we still don’t have a way to understand the internal landscape of other people. Even those closest to us.  We have no way to grasp…

Why Mindfulness Is Hard Featured

Why Mindfulness Is Hard (And How to Make It Easier)

Mindfulness isn’t easy. The human mind is wired for distraction. Our reptile brains are forever on the lookout for noises to be analyzed for signs of threats. Our Pavlovian instincts keep us scrolling social media for digital treats and puttering around the kitchen for physical ones. Our brain tries to conserve energy by taking the…

Why Mindfulness Matters Featured

Why Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness, and the mindful living movement, have become widely known in recent years. It’s been promoted as a superpower that anyone can use to improve their quality of life and wellbeing. But what does mindfulness really mean? And is it too overhyped to deserve your attention? What is the point of mindfulness? Mindfulness matters because…

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Is Mindfulness Biblical Featured

Is Mindfulness Biblical?

Mindfulness is a modern term that didn’t exist when the books that make up the Bible were written.  However, many of the concepts contained in mindfulness have parallels to behaviors advocated in the Bible. There is a robust discussion in religious communities as to whether these behaviors should be associated with the term “mindfulness.”  Below,…

Is Mindfulness Religious Featured

Is Mindfulness Religious?

Let’s clear up any doubt: mindfulness is not religious. And, at least as practiced in scientific studies, it’s not even necessarily spiritual. Rather, modern mindfulness is a secular toolkit that can help reduce stress and improve well-being, among other things. So why does this question even come up? If it’s more complicated than it appears…

How to experience mindfulness every day image Featured

How to Experience Mindfulness Each Day

Feeling less stress, more contentment and greater focus each day sounds like a pretty good goal, right? It’s actually getting there that’s the challenge. And whatever technique or philosophy you may subscribe to, there are no shortcuts. It’s even harder if you have no toolkit whatsoever to get to the life of greater peace that…

Featured Image Mindfulness Subscription Box

Mindfulness Subscription Boxes

What is a mindfulness subscription box? It’s a box that arrives home monthly containing items that aim to support you on your mindfulness journey. If you find yourself on a mindfulness journey, it can make the perfect treat for yourself, or a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member. Items frequently included in these…