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31 Fun & Calming Mindfulness Activities for Teens

31 Fun & Calming Mindfulness Activities for Teens

Mindfulness activities for teens are similar to the activities you’d practice as an adult. But it’s important to put them in a context teenagers are interested in. That means making mindfulness exercises relevant to their lives (like meditating to make studying easier) or doing exercises that spark curiosity (like mindful eating or mindful music listening)….

Calming Mindfulness Activities for Adults

25 Calming Mindfulness Activities for Adults (+ PDF)

Mindfulness activities for adults are much more diverse than the typical activities we think of first, like seated meditation and yoga. From gratitude to self-compassion, from mindful eating to mindful hugs, the options for incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life are endless. Mindfulness is such a vast topic that sometimes it’s hard to know where…

61 Mindfulness Journal Prompts for Students

61 Mindfulness Journal Prompts for Students (+ Printable PDF)

Mindfulness journal prompts, together with a mindfulness journal, are tools to help students understand how they’re feeling. Teachers often use mindfulness journal prompts for students as a framework to give students another way to understand themselves, and to get in touch with their emotions. It’s hard to know how you’re feeling sometimes. Journaling is an excellent tool…

Emotional Vibration Chart Raise Your Frequency

The Emotional Vibration Chart: 7 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

The Emotional Vibration Chart maps the range of human emotions to higher and lower frequencies. Peace and joy are higher vibration emotions, while shame and guilt are lower vibration emotions. By using the chart, you can understand which emotions are “higher vibration” and start to cultivate more of those in your life. You’ve heard people…

17 Mindfulness Activities for Virtual Meetings

17 Mindfulness Activities for Virtual Meetings (For Zoom & More)

Virtual meetings can be chaotic. Whether you’re trying to manage a virtual classroom full of students, running a business meeting, or conducting a remote seminar, mindfulness can help. Try including mindfulness exercises to start a meeting, or to reset a meeting’s energy in the middle of long sessions. Right now, at this very minute, thousands…

21 One Minute Mindfulness Exercises

21 Quick Mindfulness Exercises (Less Than One Minute Each)

A one minute mindfulness exercise is anything you can do in 60 seconds or less to center yourself, ground yourself, and pull yourself into present awareness. These short mindfulness exercises help you incorporate the principles of mindfulness into your life — especially when you’re short on time. In an ideal world, every day we would…

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When Your Nervous System Is Fried, Start Fresh Tomorrow - Here's How

If Your Nervous System Is Fried, Start Fresh Tomorrow (Here’s How)

Let me paint a picture for you: It’s 9:00pm after a long day of work, chores, and childcare. The dishes are piling up, and meanwhile, I only got 40% of my to do list done. Vague feelings of unaccomplishment are replacing the optimism I had in the morning. Try as I might, I can’t nudge myself back into…

Mental Health Subscription Boxes

The 10 Best Mental Health Subscription Boxes for 2023

The best mental health subscription boxes include TheraBox, Hopebox, and Goddess Provisions. What is a mental health subscription box? These monthly deliveries range from therapist-backed exercises to self-care activities and mindfulness journaling. If you’re looking for a mental health subscription box, the first thing you want to decide is this: are you looking for a…

Herbs & Apothecary Subscription Boxes

The 9 Best Herbs & Apothecary Subscription Boxes for 2023

Top herbs & apothecary subscription boxes include Owl and Moon Apothecary, The Witches Roots, and Mindful Souls. Common items include herbs, crystals, earth medicine products, and other witchy and spiritual tools. Read on for a comparison of each to see which is right for you. Herbalism boxes are the most convenient way for aspiring herbalists…

Why Hugs Are Important

Why Hugs Are Important (And Why You Should Hug More!)

Pardon the 1980s cartoon reference, but The Care Bears were onto something: Hugs are powerful. via GIPHY More powerful than we want to admit. I’ll sometimes find myself mindlessly ruminating on something or other, assuming that THOUGHTS will solve whatever the problem is. But in reality, it’s my nervous system that needs settling. Why doesn’t…

Mindfulness Gifts: The 11 Top Thoughtful Present Ideas

Mindfulness Gifts: Top 11 Thoughtful Present Ideas for 2023

So, you’re looking for a mindfulness gifts for that yogi or deep thinker in your life? You’re in the right place. Mindfulness gifts can range from meditation aids like cushions and timers, to calming aromatherapy products and relaxing teas. These items can help create a serene space for practicing mindfulness, whether it’s in the comfort…

How To Meditate In The Shower

How to Meditate in the Shower: A Quick and Easy Guide

Meditating in the shower might sound unconventional, but it’s a great way to multitask and make the most of your busy schedule. Imagine starting your day with a mindful moment, surrounded by the calming sound of water, as you cleanse both your body and mind. In this article, you’ll learn how to bring the benefits…