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Man in front of a computer with his hands on his head in a stressful pose

When Stress Starts to Take Over, Try The STOP method

Stress finds its way into everyone’s life. When it does, how do you manage? My humble answer: Not too well. Despite writing about mindfulness, having attended a 10-day silent retreat, and possessing an off-and-on relationship with meditation, I continue to be at the whim of external circumstances. Right now, I’m going through a season of this kind of stress….

Woman organizing her digital files on a laptop

What’s Digital Decluttering? (5 Steps to Reduce Digital Overwhelm)

Digital decluttering reduces overwhelm by providing clarity on what your current projects are and removing anything that takes away from that focus. By organizing your digital life, you can more effectively keep ideas for future use. This relieves your mind from the burden of holding them. From time to time, I feel an intense desire…

Man handing a credit card to a woman at a coffee shop

47 Money Mantras for Financial Freedom

Money mantras help you combat negative money narratives like guilt, shame, or low self-worth. Over time, money mantras can improve your relationship with money and change your behavior accordingly. Are money mantras a real thing? They are. But they’re not magic, The technique behind mantras has actual research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience….

Girl covering her face with her hands in worry

How to Train Your Brain to Stop Worrying (3 Tips to Try Now)

It’s entirely natural to worry. Your mind does so in an effort to protect you. Remember that resolving a specific source of worry isn’t a long-term solution. Instead, you have to tackle worry at the source with tools like meditation, mindset shifts, and affirmations. In recent years that I’ve realized something: My brain simply wants…

A smiling woman holding a stack of hundred dollar bills.

51 Affirmations for Financial Freedom

Affirmations for financial freedom help you improve your attitude towards money based on the psychological principle of self-affirmation. Over time, affirmations allow you to shift your identity so financial success comes easier to you. First of all, are affirmations for money a real thing? Yes—and believe it or not, there’s science behind it.  Of course,…

Woman meditating in front of the ocean

51 Daily Mantras for Anxiety Relief

Mantras for anxiety can reduce stress and increase calm in your life. Replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts is a research-backed method to reduce the amount of worry in your life. According to a 2016 study, “thought replacement” can reduce worry. What is thought replacement? It’s when you replace a negative thought with a positive…

Woman holding a hat being mindful in the forest

65 Daily Mindfulness Affirmations for Peace And Calm

Mindfulness affirmations help you stay centered, calm, and in the present moment—no matter what stressful situations may be going on. Through mindfulness affirmations, you can train yourself to notice when your mind starts to drift away from the present moment and gently bring yourself back. It’s easy to get distracted and end up living your…

Woman holding a pen while standing outside

7 Tips for Mindful Monday At Work

Committing to Mindful Monday is one of the easiest ways to get started with mindfulness, and is easy to incorporate into your work schedule. Mindful Mondays simply involve committing to mindfulness practices just one day per week. There are many approaches to reducing stress at work, but mindfulness is an easily accessible and well-studied method…

A woman meditating while standing up in front of a tree in the backyard

59 Gratitude Mantras for Daily Joy

Mantras for gratitude help you appreciate your life by helping you focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t have. The more you express gratitude each day, the more things you find to be grateful for. This list of mantras is designed to guide you in building feelings of gratitude. Your mindset has…

Woman running a marathon with spectators behind her

55 Mantras for Success to Remember Your Potential

Mantras for success help internalize the feeling that you’re heading towards something great and can accomplish anything. Over time, success mantras help reinforce a positive way of thinking and improve your ability to achieve success. If you’ve ever dealt with feelings of low self-esteem, you understand: Low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy can limit your…

Man rock climbing a mountain

51 Affirmations for Success to Stay Motivated (+ Printable)

Affirmations for success help internalize the feeling that you’re heading towards something great and can accomplish anything. Over time, affirmations help reinforce a positive way of thinking and improve your ability to achieve success. Feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem limit your potential. They create an inaccurate view of the world in your head—one in…

A woman in a field practicing mindfulness with her hand over her heart and eyes closed

World Mindfulness Day is September 12

Mindfulness Day happens every year on September 12. Mindfulness Day was first launched by the nonprofit Wisdom Publications in 2010 as a way to spread awareness about mindfulness. People celebrate Mindfulness Day by engaging in meditation or yoga, by joining a group mindfulness activity, or by using the occasion to kick off a new mindfulness…

Using Urge Surfing to Stop Cravings

Urge Surfing (How to Stop Cravings Mindfully)

Urge surfing is a way to create a mindful pause between cravings and action by “riding the wave” of your urges as they rise and subside. By surfing urges instead of acting on them right away, you can give yourself a chance to choose the action you want to take, rather than doing it on…

Mantras for Confidence Featured 2

15 Empowering Mantras for Confidence (+ Printable)

Mantras for confidence can help you cultivate trust in yourself, your instincts, and your abilities. Oftentimes, feelings of low self-esteem can create a distorted view of the world in which you underestimate yourself and your own strengths. This list of mantras for confidence is designed to build feelings of self-worth, trust, and belief in yourself….

Man with beard smiling and repeating mantras for self love

15 Self Love Mantras to Increase Compassion (+ Printable)

Mantras for self love are a way to become more loving and compassionate towards yourself. Over time, self love mantras can help your default mode of thinking become increasingly positive. The following list of mantras for self love can help you start to rewire your brain towards seeing your inherent worth. For some reason, loving…

Mantras to live by - woman holding a cup of coffee and smiling

191 Mantras to Live By (+ Printable List of Mantras)

Choosing a few mantras to live by can help you understand your values and what’s important to you. Repeating those mantras regularly can help you keep your focus on the things that matter to you. By going through this list of mantras, you can find the ones that resonate with you most—and take action on…

Woman sitting in field of yellow flowers practicing mindfulness exercises

33 Mindfulness Exercises for Present-Moment Living

Mindfulness exercises are a form of mental training, helping you live more in the present each day. By choosing mindfulness exercises that fit neatly into your life, building awareness can become an easier process. From “urge surfing” to mindful hugs to mantra meditation, this list of mindfulness exercises has something for everyone. Building mindfulness into…

Gratitude affirmations - man laughing in the sun

71 Gratitude Affirmations for a Thankful Life (+ PDF)

Gratitude affirmations can help you grow in appreciation for every aspect of your life. Gratitude has a compounding effect – the more you express it each day, the more things you find to be grateful for. This list of affirmations is designed to help you cultivate feelings of gratitude and appreciation. It’s easy to fall…

Affirmations for Confidence - Photo of a confident woman

77 Confidence Affirmations to Improve Self-Esteem

Affirmations for confidence can help you strengthen your trust in yourself and in your own instincts and abilities. Feelings of low self-esteem create an inaccurate view of the world that makes you underestimate yourself and your own strengths. This list of affirmations is designed to build feelings of confidence, self-worth, and belief in yourself. Feelings…

Woman putting her hands over her heart lovingly - self love affirmations

71 Affirmations for Self Love (+ Printable)

Affirmations for self love are a way to internalize compassion and love for yourself. Over time, affirmations can help replace these negative thoughts with positive thoughts. This list of 71 self love affirmations can help you start to rewire your brain for self love, positivity, and inherent worthiness. For some reason, it’s often easier to…