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Man smiling deeply and authentically on his path to finding happiness

How to Find Happiness within Yourself

Wondering how to find happiness within yourself? The best way is to treat happiness as a skill that can be learned and refined over time. You’ll make mistakes along the way, but over time, you’ll learn how to experience more joy in each moment.  I’m not a happiness expert. Just a happiness seeker. That’s why…

Children hanging playfully upside down on a swingset

How to Be More Playful

Wondering how to be more playful in your life? Adults often find that responsibilities and seriousness replace the excitement and playfulness of childhood. But by being creative, spontaneous, finding work that feels like play, and being silly, you can cultivate that childlike spirit once again. Ever dream about being a kid again? It’s a common…

Understanding the emotional vibration chart to see what frequency emotions have

Emotional Frequency Chart (How to INCREASE Your Vibrational Frequency)

The Emotional Vibration Chart maps the range of human emotions to higher and lower frequencies. Peace and joy are higher vibration emotions, while shame and guilt are lower vibration emotions. You’ve heard people talk about good vibrations, high vibrations, and low vibrations.  Is this just a saying, or is there something more to it? We’ve…

What Makes A Good Life

What Makes A Good Life?

What makes a good life? According to a Harvard study that’s observed subjects for over 80 years, a good life comes from good relationships. Relationship quality gives a more accurate prediction of whether people will have happy, long lives than their intelligence, genes, or even their cholesterol levels. Most days, we wake up and get…

Farmer smiling in front of a field of cows with a mountain in the background

How to Measure Happiness with The Subjective Happiness Scale

Happiness is subjective. But measuring happiness can be done using the subjective happiness scale, which you can also use to track your own happiness over time. Some studies also use behavioral observations and biological data to determine happiness. Measuring data by country requires using bigger picture metrics like life expectancy and per capita GDP. Each…

Statue of a Roman philosopher

How Negative Visualization Can Improve Your Life

Negative visualization is the practice of imagining worst-case scenarios, popularized by the Stoics of ancient Rome. Negative visualization exercises can help you be grateful for what you have and appreciate the shortness of life. The Stoics of ancient Rome walked around imagining all manner of illnesses, deaths, and worst-case scenarios that could happen to them…

Gray haired woman with glasses looking contemplative

How to Appreciate Life (And Stop Taking Life for Granted)

If you’re wondering how to appreciate life, the best way to do it is by practicing gratitude and reminding yourself of your own mortality. We take life for granted because mortality is scary, so it’s easier to ignore it. But ignoring the fact that our time is finite means it’s harder to appreciate our lives….

Venn diagram of circle of concern vs circle of influence

Circle of Concern vs Circle of Influence

Understanding the circle of concern vs circle of influence means understanding what we can control, and what we can’t control. The Circle of Concern, Circle of Control, and Circle of Influence deal with exactly this issue. These concepts come from Stephen Covey’s 1989 book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. It’s tough to accept…

Why I Stopped Reading The News

Why I Stopped Reading The News

There’s no more time-honored morning routine than sitting down at the kitchen table with coffee, eggs, and the newspaper. But I stopped reading the news because it made me anxious. And it made me anxious because it was outside my Circle of Control. We’ve been trained in this habit. We mirror the behavior shown to…

A man smiling happily outside in the sunshine with sunglasses on

How to Increase Your Happiness Set Point

The Happiness Set Point is a theory that says 50% (or more) of your happiness is determined by genetic factors. The rest of your happiness level is determined by where and how you live your life, and your mindset. Studies have shown the most powerful way to increase your happiness set point is to engage…

Man doing math problems on a blackboard

Life Is Not a Problem To Be Solved, But A Reality to Be Experienced

According to Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard, “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” Kierkegaard, along with other philosophers like Alan Watts and Rainer Maria Rilke, have argued that when you seek the answers to life, you’re asking the wrong question. Life is something to be experienced, not something…

Woman in a hammock on the beach

Balancing Being vs Doing Mode (to Avoid Burnout)

Understanding the balance of being vs doing is critical to avoiding burnout and overwork. In Doing Mode, accomplishment and activity are seen as much more valuable than rest. But productivity must be balanced with Being Mode, which prioritizes rest and helps us restore energy and attention for the next burst of activity. I often fall…

Man smiling and then the same man frowning

5 Ways to Turn Around a Bad Day

Sometimes, you just have a bad day. It happens to all of us. But sometimes it’s possible to stop a bad day and turn it into a good one, or at the very least, slow it down. Let’s explore how to turn around a bad day. Whether it’s the proverbial “wake up on the wrong…