101 Reasons to Be Grateful

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Updated: March 30, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

If you’ve ever tried gratitude journaling or following the common mindfulness practice of thinking of 3-5 things you’re grateful for each day, you’ll know that over time, it’s easy to run out of steam.

When you start listing the same things over and over in your gratitude practice, the experience can become stale. 

Remember that outside of your daily life, there are all kinds of things to be grateful for:

Inventions, relationships, nature, how you came to be who you are, modern medicine, travel, and laughter, just to name a few.

To add a spark of inspiration to your gratitude practice, here’s a list of 101 reasons to be grateful. 

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To see the full list, click below and download the PDF

101 reasons to be grateful

  1. Everything on Earth that supports your existence, from the organisms in the soil to the plants and animals
  2. The Sun’s rays which warm your face and nourish the plants that feed you
  3. Electricity, which only became common in homes in 1925
  4. Everyone who’s helped you become who you are now
  5. Grocery stores and the fact that you don’t have to hunt for your food
  6. The increasing ability to work from home, or work from anywhere
  7. Clean streets and the sanitation workers who make them possible
  8. Smartphones and their ability to keep you connected anywhere on Earth
  9. GPS for helping you never get lost again
  10. The chance to know yourself better over time
  11. The Moon, for being perfectly positioned to affect the tide and for lighting your way at night
  12. Traveling to new places and the sense of adventure and variety that brings to your life
  13. The unique talents and abilities that you’ve been able to share with the world
  14. The chance for growth when challenges arise
  15. The sense of accomplishment that comes when you do something you worked hard at
  16. Your mother and your father for bringing you into the world
  17. The Internet and the way it brings the world to you
  18. Humor and comedians and moments of joy that funny people bring into your life
  19. Clean water and not worrying about thirst or disease from what you drink
  20. Clean air and the ability to take deep breaths without inhaling pollution
  21. Your partner or most important relationship and every time they’ve put you first
  22. The printing press and the exchange of ideas that books have allowed
  23. Air conditioning and the ability to be comfortable in hot climates
  24. Bicycles and the sense of exploration they give you from childhood to adulthood
  25. The ability to listen to any song you want in the world, at any time
  26. Dogs, cats, and other pets and their ability to make us laugh and keep us company
  27. The feeling of warm sun on your skin
  28. Nature and the feeling of awe and beauty it inspires
  29. Health, in whatever capacity you’re experiencing it
  30. Your body and the movement it allows
  31. Your ability to communicate with others through language
  32. Having a roof over your head for protection from the elements
  33. The feeling of wonder that comes from looking up at the stars at night
  34. Children and their ability to remind you to be playful and adventurous
  35. Video calls that let you chat with friends and family all over the world
  36. Each morning which brings a fresh start
  37. Sunrises and the beauty they bring to each day
  38. A warm cup of coffee or tea on a cold morning
  39. Experiencing a rainy day while you’re comfortably inside
  40. The joy of witnessing the laughter of babies
  41. The fact that you have shoes to protecting your feet
  42. Clean clothes and the change they can spark in your feelings about yourself
  43. Your ability to experience hope that life can keep getting better
  44. Clouds, and the beautiful scenes they paint on the sky
  45. Reading and losing yourself in a good book
  46. Your ability to heal from physical and emotional wounds over time
  47. Dancing
  48. The feeling of jumping into a cool pool on a hot summer day
  49. The ability to taste food, and all the amazing sensations that come with it
  50. Your sense of smell and how it helps you experience the world more richly
  51. Hearing birds chirping, and hearing the wind moving through the trees
  52. Your vision and how it helps you navigate the world around you
  53. The changing of the seasons
  54. The beating of your heart which keeps you alive in each moment
  55. Going to see music performed live
  56. The energy and nutrients you get from food
  57. The fact that you can learn from mistakes
  58. The motivation you have to become a better version of yourself
  59. Your ability to learn from others
  60. All those who’ve come before you and the knowledge they’ve left. As Isaac Newton said, we are standing on the shoulders of giants!
  61. When emotional pain and depression give you the motivation needed to make changes in your life
  62. That particular smell when it rains on a warm day (it’s called petrichor!)
  63. Dreams and the inspiration they bring to your life
  64. Giving and receiving massages
  65. Sleep the way it recharges your body and refreshes your mind
  66. Refrigerators, freezers, and your ability to save food for later
  67. The feeling of your bare feet on soft grass
  68. Streaming videos and not having to run to Blockbuster anymore to rent a movie
  69. Airplanes and the way you can travel anywhere in the world in a day
  70. The challenge of learning a new language
  71. The feeling of laughing until you cry
  72. Microwaves and popcorn and having food ready to eat in two minutes
  73. The excitement of going to the movie theater
  74. Alone time and the peace it can bring
  75. All kinds of chocolate
  76. Cars and the independence, freedom, and mobility they give you
  77. Naps
  78. Candlelit dinners
  79. Exploring the outdoors
  80. Old friends and new friends
  81. Podcasts and the ability to learn from smart people around the world
  82. The feeling of receiving a gift
  83. Modern medicine and the security that comes with knowing more and more conditions are survivable
  84. Building peace inside yourself
  85. Being next to a warm fire on a cold night
  86. Sunsets and the gorgeous pictures they paint upon the sky
  87. Those moments of pure silliness where you experience a major belly laugh
  88. How far you’ve already come in life
  89. Floating in rivers and playing in streams
  90. Hot showers and the way they keep your body clean and smelling good
  91. The endorphins that come with exercise
  92. The ability to take photographs and hold onto a memory of the past
  93. Sex
  94. Road trips and the freedom of the open road
  95. The joy of painting and drawing
  96. The ability to meet your basic needs
  97. The luxury of having leisure time
  98. Struggles that remind you that happiness is worth fighting for
  99. Getting lost in a good novel
  100. The childhood experiences that built who you are today
  101. How a walk outside can reboot your energy and spark creativity

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