The 10 Best Mental Health Subscription Boxes for 2023

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Updated: September 12, 2023
  • Time to read: 7 min.
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The best mental health subscription boxes include TheraBox, Hopebox, and Goddess Provisions. What is a mental health subscription box? These monthly deliveries range from therapist-backed exercises to self-care activities and mindfulness journaling.

If you’re looking for a mental health subscription box, the first thing you want to decide is this: are you looking for a monthly reminder for self-care, or are you looking for therapist designed activities? For therapist-designed activities, go with TheraBox. For self-care, consider options like Hopebox or Mindful Souls.

See more details on each of our recommended mental health subscription boxes below.

Best Overall Mental Health Subscription Box

therabox closeup


TheraBox has gotten rave reviews from 2000+ customers.

Not only is it designed by therapists – ensuring a meaningful inclusion of products each month – but the thousands of positive reviews show this box has resonated big time with customers.

Shipping to the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and many other countries, this is also one of the most globally accessible options out there. 

1. TheraBox

TheraBox self care subscription box

Who It’s For: TheraBox is “the ultimate self care subscription box.”

Summary: Not only is it designed by therapists – ensuring a meaningful inclusion of products each month – but the thousands of positive reviews show this box has resonated big time with customers. Each TheraBox includes a “research inspired therapeutic activity to wire your brain for more joy.” And each month, you receive six to eight self-care “wellness goodies” to enhance calm. Usually, the goodies have to do with aromatherapy, natural bath, body and skincare products, and other lifestyle products. Each box includes a retail value of over $120. 

TheraBox Review: “I really enjoy getting a little reminder to slow down and take care of myself. This is a great subscription box. – Julie I.”

Further reading: If you’re considering TheraBox, check out our overview of exactly what comes in each TheraBox here.

2. Introverts Retreat Box

Introverts Retreat Box Subscription Box

Summary: As an introvert, you need more moments of calm and recharging than others. This box is all about helping you give yourself permission to stay home and take care of yourself. Each month, you’ll receive items like books, candles, bath salts, scented soaps, small-batch handmade snacks, and more. The perfect gift for yourself or the introvert in your life. Gift a single box or a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.

Introverts Retreat Box Review: “Got 3 months for my mom, she was delighted with everything inside (and of course took plenty of photos to show off to her sisters). A fun experience!” – Ellyse B.

3. Hopebox

Hopebox subscription box

Summary: Give the gift of monthly wellness for your body, heart and soul. Hopebox includes high-quality books, aromatherapy, jewelry, candles, snuggle buds, organic soaks, scrubs, masks, and more. Each item is carefully selected. Products come from talented artisans who have their own stories of hope and renewal. Products are vegan and cruelty free. Each Hopebox includes 10+ items and a personal message of hope.

Hopebox Review: “I loved it! I love the variety of fun things to pamper myself.” – Audrey W.

4. Bath Bevy

Bath Bevy  self care subscription box

Summary: A proper wellness routine means taking care of your body. For those times when all you need is an ultra-relaxing bath, Bath Bevy is the subscription box for you. They curate handmade bath and body products, helping you discover relaxing new products and shipping them right to your door. Common items include bath bombs, bubble bath, bath salts, soap scrubs, and more. Each box includes 5-7 items.

Bath Bevy Review: “I look forward to this box every month. My mail lady(who now subscribes) even brings this box to my door because it smells soooo good. The quality of the bath bombs are great and for the first time I have tried a “tea bag” bath and it was so relaxing. I love the bath salts and the have the greatest smell that lasts a long time. This is a box I will keep getting.” – Meghan E.

5. Mindful Souls

Mindful souls self care subscription box
It’s tough to beat Mindful Souls if you’re looking to add a spiritual angle to your wellness practice

Summary: If you’re looking for a more spiritual angle to your wellness practice, Mindful Souls may be one to consider. Their boxes are designed to ease people into easy-to-use tools for their spiritual practice. Each Mindful Souls box includes 6-8 hand-picked items, like crystal jewelry, raw crystals, aromatherapy, affirmation cards and more. Each box also includes instructions on how to use these tools, and descriptions of each. They bill themselves as being “almost like having a spiritual mentor with you.” 

Mindful Souls Review“This box is my favorite. I find myself wearing the jewelry, displaying the crystals, and just overall excited to see what comes next.” – Robin D.

Further reading: If you’re considering the Mindful Souls box, check out our overview of exactly what comes in each Mindful Souls box here.

6. Aster Skincare Box

Aster skincare self care subscription box

Summary: Aster Skincare boxes are perfect for helping you level up your skincare routine, or for gifting to the skincare aficionado in your life. The focus of these boxes is on high-antioxidant, anti-aging skincare products. There’s no synthetic ingredients or fragrances, and all products are vegan, natural, and cruelty-free. Each box comes with 5-6 products like gel face cleansers, floral gen toners with pomegranate extract, day cream, rejuvenating oil face serum, body oil, and night eye serum.

Aster Skincare Subscription Box Review: “My boyfriend got this for me for Valentine’s, he knows how much I love skincare. My favorite products in the box were the strawberry body oil and peach face wash. Both smell HEAVENLY and my skin felt amazing! Will order the next box once I run out.” – Mikaela L.

7. Meditation Essentials Meditation Subscription Box

meditation subscription box
If you want meditation items (and only meditation items), this is probably your best bet

Who It’s For: If you want a monthly reminder to keep your meditation practice strong, this is for you.

Summary: Meditation Essentials is one of the few meditation subscription boxes available, with products all focused on enhancing your mindfulness and meditation practice.

Description: The Meditation Essentials Box contains meditation products from around the world to enhance your practice. Each box provides books, affirmations, and inspirational products, and is targeted at everyone from beginners to seasoned meditators.

Meditation Essentials Review: “I am so happy I found this box!…It brings me great joy and everything is beautiful! I am a meditator for life. Love what you’re doin

8. 180° Box

180 subscription box

Summary: Ready to give yourself (or someone close to you) the gift of self love and wellness? This box contains 6-9 full-size selfcare and lifestyle items at a value of $150+ each month, each one designed to remind you to take a break and enjoy the journey of each day. The perfect gift box. Items include mood boosting products, spa, bath and body, lifestyle, home goods, treats, beauty, and more.

180° Box Review: “This has to be one of my most favorite subscription boxes! Not only is the owner one of the sweetest souls I ever met, she has the best customer service! And this subscription box is packed full of unique items you will not find in any other subscription. I absolutely LOVE this box!!” – Sarah S.

9. Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions self care subscription box
With 1700+ reviews, this is one of the most popular options available

With 1800+ reviews and 17000+ sales, the Goddess Provisions Box is one of the most popular spiritual subscription boxes available.  

Summary: You won’t get much better than Goddess Provisions if you’re looking for creative items to fuel your spiritual journey each month. The boxes are curated around a monthly theme. The reviews are full of raving fans who talk about how packed with value these boxes are (“I think it’s rare to get a full deck of oracle cards in a $33 box”). Each monthly box includes 5 to 7 full-size products (total value $80-$100). Typically included are a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, superfood snacks & spiritual tools.

Goddess Provisions Review: “Absolutely LOVE Goddess Provisions! It has greatly increased my supply of witchy things- every month me and my daughter look forward to opening it together and I’m always happy with the things they pick each month. It is definitely worth the cost each month for how much we get!” – Margaret S.

Further reading: If you’re considering the Goddess Provisions Box, check out our overview of exactly what comes in each Goddess Provisions Box here.

10. Spiritual Goodies Box

Spiritual Goodies Box Review
For a variety of spiritual items, try the Spiritual Goodies box

Summary: The Spiritual Goodies box aims to uplift your spirit and enhance your personal development with 5-7 quality spiritual items monthly. Common items included are crystals, aromatherapy, spiritual growth tools, ritual items, jewelry, clothing and more. Each month’s box is themed and comes with an affirmation to focus on for the month.

Spiritual Goodies Box Review: “Just received my moon themed box. oh my god…..I loved everything. The crescent moon dream catcher is so beautiful and a great addition to my meditation space. I have already used some of the stickers in my planner and set up the wooden mood board with the current phase so I can keep track. Also I love the 2 crystals!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next month.” – Sarah C.

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Loti Wellness

Loti Wellness self care subscription box

Who It’s For: It’s for you if you’re most drawn to therapeutic, scientific explorations in your wellness practice.

Summary: Loti Wellness is a self-care box put together using research based in positive psychology and psychotherapy, with the goal of helping you choose joy and nurture wellness. Each box from Loti Wellness contains 5-7 wellness products to remind you to take the time for self-care. Every month you’ll also get therapeutic activities and guided materials, connected to the monthly theme. Common items in each box include a mix of natural bath and body, skincare, candles, aromatherapy, journals and more.

Loti Wellness Review: “Just loved everything in the box, can’t wait to try everything. It’s like opening a Christmas present.” Joanne J.