The 11 Best Spiritual Subscription Boxes for 2023

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Updated: March 21, 2023
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The best spiritual subscription boxes include Goddess Provisions, Mindful Souls, and Tamed Wild. Typically, these boxes include items like crystals, aromatherapy products, books, natural beauty products and spiritual tools. Read on for a comparison of each (including pricing) so you can choose which box is best for you.

Spiritual subscription boxes can make the perfect gift for a friend, family member or as a way to treat yourself each month and support your own journey.

The number of choices can be overwhelming. We also have separate guides specifically diving into mindfulness subscription boxes, wellness subscription boxes, and crystal subscription boxes.

Below, we’ve worked to sort through the top available spiritual subscription boxes that focus on spirituality, including excerpts of reviews for each.

Best Overall Spiritual Subscription Box

Mindful Souls
mindful souls vertical

The Mindful Souls subscription box is perfect for anyone looking for a beautifully curated monthly box aimed at spiritual seekers.

Their boxes include easy-to-use tools to help you develop your spiritual practice, with 6-8 hand-picked items like jewelry, crystals, aromatherapy products, affirmation cards, and more.

Mindful Souls Review
It’s tough to beat Mindful Souls if you’re looking to add a spiritual angle to your mindfulness practice

Mindful Souls

Summary: If you’re looking for a more spiritual angle to your mindfulness practice, Mindful Souls may be one to consider. Their boxes are designed to ease people into easy-to-use tools for their spiritual practice. Each Mindful Souls box includes 6-8 hand-picked items, like crystal jewelry, raw crystals, aromatherapy, affirmation cards and more. Each box also includes instructions on how to use these tools, and descriptions of each. They bill themselves as being “almost like having a spiritual mentor with you.” 

Mindful Souls Review:  “This box is my favorite. I find myself wearing the jewelry, displaying the crystals, and just overall excited to see what comes next.” – Robin D.

Further reading: If you’re considering the Mindful Souls box, check out our overview of exactly what comes in each Mindful Souls box here.

Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions Box Review
With 1700+ reviews, this is one of the most popular options available

With 1800+ reviews and 17000+ sales, the Goddess Provisions Box is one of the most popular spiritual subscription boxes available.  

Summary: The purpose of each Goddess Provisions box is to “nurture your inner goddess and help grow your spiritual practice.” Each monthly box includes 5 to 7 full-size products (total value $80-$100). Typically included are a mix of crystals, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, superfood snacks & spiritual tools. All the products are vegan, cruelty-free and natural

You won’t get much better than Goddess Provisions if you’re looking for creative items to fuel your spiritual journey each month. The boxes are often curated around a theme, like “Sacred Cycles.” The hundreds of reviews are full of raving fans, and many talk about how packed with value these boxes are (“I think it’s rare to get a full deck of oracle cards in a $33 box”). Goddess Provisions ships worldwide and has free shipping to the United States.

Goddess Provisions Review: “Absolutely LOVE Goddess Provisions! It has greatly increased my supply of witchy things- every month me and my daughter look forward to opening it together and I’m always happy with the things they pick each month. It is definitely worth the cost each month for how much we get!” – Margaret S.

Further reading: If you’re considering the Goddess Provisions Box, check out our overview of exactly what comes in each Goddess Provisions Box here.

Tamed Wild Box

Tamed Wild Box Review
Tamed Wild is perfect for anyone interested in exploring earth medicine and a holistic approach to spirituality

Summary: The Tamed Wild Box focuses on earth medicine, including crystals, herbs, teas, altar items, jewelry, essential oils and more. Each box includes 4-5 items along with artisan blended tea, and is intended to grow your spiritual practice with monthly tools. Also included are descriptions of each item, so you can continue learning each month. Everything included uses organic ingredients.

Tamed Wild Box Review: “Absolutely stellar box! The printed inserts are packed with cool information, and the variety and beauty of the items is always impressive. I’m overwhelmed by the number of gorgeous things sent at this price, and the packaging is just a joy to open up.” – Chelsea M.

Chakra Box

Chakra Box Review
The Chakra Box takes you on a unique 9-month spiritual journey

Summary: Chakra Box is a unique product in that it’s organized into a 9-month journey to help balance your chakras. Instead of an indefinite subscription, the journey ends after 9 months and on the final month you receive an astrology box to continue your spiritual growth. Items included are all vegan and cruelty-free, and total in value up to $111 each month. Typical products are aromatherapy, crystals, gemstone jewelry, herbal teas, altar items and other spiritual tools.

Chakra Box Review: “Just received my first box from Chakra box. It is just wonderful! It was thoughtfully packaged and immediately clear how much care and attention was put into this collection. So excited to learn so much with such beautiful aids to assist.” – Leah S.

Mystic Tarot Box

Tarot Subscription Box
Mystic Tarot cards

Who It’s For: Tarot card & oracle enthusiasts.

Summary: Discover the magic of tarot and embark on a transformative journey with the Mystic Tarot Box, a monthly subscription designed to inspire, empower, and enhance your card-reading abilities. Each box is thoughtfully curated to help you build your deck collection and harness the full potential of your intuitive gifts. Experience the thrill of connecting with the cosmos as you explore the theme of the month, embodied by a stunning tarot deck.

The Mystic Tarot Box includes:

  1. An exquisite Tarot Deck, chosen to captivate and guide you through the mysteries of the universe and your own inner wisdom.
  2. A hand-selected Crystal Specimen, chosen to enhance your intuition and elevate your card-reading experience.
  3. Two specially curated products, designed to complement the monthly theme and further develop your tarot practice.

Mystic Tarot Box Review: “I have absolutely loved all of your boxes! They always come at the right time and for what i need at at that very moment!

Awakening Box

Awakening Box Review
The Awakening Box helps you incorporate crystals, soaps, and jewelry into your spiritual journey

Summary: One of the more affordable options, Awakening in a Box is all about awakening through crystal energy. Each month you receive crystals and products designed to “support you as you strengthen your connection with the universe.” Typical items include 3 healing crystals or stone, 2 related awakening products like soaps and jewelry, and cards detailing the properties of each crystal.

Awakening Box Review: “I love this subscription so much, never gotten a repeat item (but I wouldn’t care if I did!) and there is always a crystal I don’t have yet to add to my collection. The jewelry is always cute, the scents are always amazing, and the tools and spells are always so relevant to my life at the moment!” – Kaycie

Crystal Variety Box

Crystal Variety Box Review
If you’re looking for lots of high-quality crystals, this is your best bet

Summary: If you want to stick to crystals and crystals only, this might be the box for you. The crystals in these boxes come from all over the world, and each box contains 4-6 hand-picked crystals or minerals as well as a cloth grid. They also offer a “Crystal of the Month” plan designed for people new to collecting crystals. Free shipping to the United States.

Crystal Variety Box Review: “I spent a lot of time trying to find a box like this for my wife who makes jewelry and collects gemstones. I finally settled on this box in the hopes that it would have unique gemstones occasionally. Both my wife and I were pleasantly surprised with everything we have seen so far in the first two boxes.” – Langdon S.

WEvolve Box

WEvolve Box Review
The WEvolve box focuses introducing you to items from worldwide mystical traditions

Summary: WEvolve includes items from mystical traditions worldwide in every box, in an effort to help you deepen your spiritual practice. Commonly included items are stones, candles, teas, essential oils, crystals, oracle decks, meditation tools and more. Their Esoteric Box is created each month around themes like Radical Self-Love, Dreamwork, and Chakras.

WEvolve Box Review: “I am so thankful I found the Wevolve Box. I started as a subscriber of the mini box for over a year… Every box is filled with such a wonderful mixture of items. I love the jewelry pieces, the oils and the many books.” – Courtney G.

Spiritual Goodies Box

Spiritual Goodies Box Review
For a variety of spiritual items, try the Spiritual Goodies box

Summary: The Spiritual Goodies box aims to uplift your spirit and enhance your personal development with 5-7 quality spiritual items monthly. Common items included are crystals, aromatherapy, spiritual growth tools, ritual items, jewelry, clothing and more. Great choice for a metaphysical subscription box. Each month’s box is themed and comes with an affirmation to focus on for the month.

Spiritual Goodies Box Review: “Just received my moon themed box. oh my god…..I loved everything. The crescent moon dream catcher is so beautiful and a great addition to my meditation space. I have already used some of the stickers in my planner and set up the wooden mood board with the current phase so I can keep track. Also I love the 2 crystals!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next month.” – Sarah C.

The Crystal Pouch

The Crystal Pouch Box Review
An entry-level option for crystals shipped right to your door monthly

Summary: The Crystal Pouch is all about bringing crystals to you monthly to enhance your spiritual journey. Each box contains 3 raw stones and 2 rare clusters or stones. You also receive a collectible card each month detailing the properties of each crystal/stone.

The Crystal Pouch Box Review: “Obsessed!! Literally my favorite subscription, and I’ve tried a few. It’s by far been the best way to build my knowledge and collection. The stones are always good quality & size.. always labeled and include information cards which I LOVE.” – Miya S.

Owl and Moon Apothecary

Owl and Moon Apothecary Box Review
Unique spiritual items curated by a Reiki Master TEacher

Summary: Owl & Moon was created by a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Healer and Aromatherapist. Each box is focused on a monthly theme and includes a hand-poured Reiki charged wooden wick crystal adorned intention candle, personally curated crystal, hand blended aromatherapy product, handcrafted vegan artisan soap and up to four other items gifts. Each product included is handcrafted, vegan and artisanal.

Owl and Moon Apothecary Box Review: “I cannot say enough good things about these boxes. I have purchased several & they are wonderful! From the beautiful handcrafted soaps & candles to the crystals & charms, it is obvious that each item is carefully thought out & chosen to reflect that month’s theme. I look forward to receiving each box I purchase.” – Rebecca L.

Frequently asked questions

Is a spiritual subscription box a good gift?

Depends who you’re giving it to! But for any friends or loved ones who would appreciate a monthly reminder for self-care (or are just looking for an easy way to build their crystal collection), it can be an excellent gift.

What is a metaphysical subscription box?

A metaphysical subscription box is a subscription box that arrives to your doorstep once a month, with items that support your spiritual journey.

Frequently included items are crystals, journals, scented candles, jewelry, tarot cards, and more.

How can I order a spiritual monthly box?

The best place to order a spiritual monthly box is from a subscription boxes marketplace like Cratejoy. You’ll have the widest variety and selection there, so you can find the perfect box for your needs.