11 Crystal Subscription Boxes (Reviews + Pricing)

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Updated: September 6, 2022
  • Time to read: 8 min.
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A crystal subscription box is a carefully curated package that shows up at your doorstep each month with a new selection of crystals to support your spiritual journey. These boxes make an excellent gift to a friend or family member, or as a way to show yourself self-care and create a sustainable spiritual practice.

There’s nothing more exciting than getting something fun in the mail, after all, and if it can help spark joy and curiosity on your spiritual journey – all the better. 

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of choices out there. In this article, we’ve worked through the top crystal subscription boxes, including details about each, pricing, and reviews, so that with a quick scan, you can sort out which looks like the best fit for you.

We also have separate guides specifically diving into spirituality subscription boxes, meditation subscription boxes, and mindfulness subscription boxes.

Without further ado, let’s explore the top crystal subscription boxes.

Crystal Subscription Box Article Reviews and Pricing 1

The Witches Bounty

Witches Bounty Subscription Box Review
The Witches Bounty subscription box is a great choice for stunning, premium crystal jewelry.

Who It’s For: Anyone looking to wear stunning crystal jewelry (instead of just admiring it in their collection). 

Summary: Many of the crystal boxes on this list are full of raw crystals and stones to add to your collection. The Witches Bounty brings something unique to the table. They create high-quality crystal pendants – beautiful crystal jewelry you can wear instead of simply admiring. Each box they send out is created based around the particular energies of that time of year, and boxes also include custom oil and incense.

The Witches Bounty Box Review: “An absolutely beautiful box which includes a stunning high quality jewelry pendant, a beautiful art page about the featured item, natural scented custom incense, custom made oil, and rolled beeswax candle.” – Allison T.

Magickal Earth

Magickal Earth Subscription Box
Magickal Earth is the perfect choice for astrology and tarot enthusiasts.

Who It’s For: Astrology and tarot enthusiasts building their crystal collections.

Summary: Magickal Earth supplements its monthly crystals with astrology and tarot products. Each hand-curated box is designed around what’s happening on the astrological calendar or what’s happening with the seasons, and each tarot card is drawn just for you. Every month, you can expect to receive crystals, astrology calendar and horoscope, tarot card, and written explanations to put everything into context.

Magickal Earth Subscription Box Review: “This was a lovely box! A tarot, the astrological calendar, a beautiful selection of crystals, a leather pouch and beads to sew my own design on it, and so much more. The quality of the crystals, calendar, and tarot card are what convinced me to sign up for a 3 month plan.” – Kathryn P.

Spiral Rain’s Crystal Boxes

Spiral Rains Canadian Crystal Subscription Box
One of the best options for Canadian crystal collectors (that also ships internationally)

Who It’s For: Canadian crystal lovers and those looking for a beautiful and carefully curated set of natural crystals.

Summary: Spiral Rain’s Crystal Boxes are a great option for Canadian crystal lovers, though the boxes ship internationally to the United States and certain other regions too. In each box, you’ll receive a variety of natural crystals, from tumbled to raw, clusters to obelisks, and spheres to jewelry. Also included is incense and information on the properties of each crystal. Each box has a monthly theme like New Beginnings, Creativity, Abundance, and Balance.

Spiral Rain’s Crystal Boxes Review: “…I was so happy to receive all these beautiful crystals and welcome them into my home and energy. Even the color scheme of them is beautiful all together…I am so excited to receive more boxes from Spiral Rain. Highly recommended if anyone is thinking of buying!” – Krystle M.

Soul Gifts Box

Soul Gifts Crystal Subscription
Soul Gifts personalizes every crystal subscription box based on a survey you fill out.

Who It’s For: Anyone looking for a personalized box with crystals selected just for you (based on a survey you answer). 

Summary: The Soul Gifts Box is unique on this list in that it’s a personalized subscription box. Each month, you receive crystals that are curated specifically for your spiritual needs by an energy healer. When you order, you’re invited to fill out a survey, and your crystals will be selected based on your responses. Every box includes 3-5 high-quality crystals and stones and one additional spiritual item, like candles or essential oils. Whether you’re a beginner or have been collecting for years, this personalized collection is a way to add a new dimension to your crystal collection. 

Soul Gifts Box Review: “I loved my personalized box and can already not wait to get my next one… I love what was in my box and felt it was deeply personal to what I am going through and my spiritual needs. I recommend it highly to others and even have some friends who are signing up for one!” – Amanda C.

Natural Stone Collection Box

Natural Stone Cabochon Collection Box Review
Perfect for those who want to add gemstones to their crystal collection.

Who It’s For: Gemstone collectors, jewelry artists, and crystal healers.

Summary: If you’re looking to add gemstones to your collection, you’ve come to the right place. The Natural Stone Cabochon Collection box includes 5-9 gorgeous stones each month. Each is carefully labeled. These aren’t just any ordinary stones: the box is full of unusual, hard-to-find gemstones that are sure to round out your collection with something unique. If you’re a jewelry artist looking for inspiration, a healer, or simply a crystal enthusiast and collector, this box is for you. 

Natural Stone Collection Box Review: “Just WOW!!! I have ordered a lot of crystal subscription boxes and this is by far one of the BEST ones. It is so perfectly packaged, everything is so so beautiful and I love the notepad and pen I received in my box also. I am so excited for next month’s already!!!” – Emily B.

Crystal Mystery Box

Crystal Mystery Box Review
Who doesn’t love unboxing a surprise every month?

Who It’s For: This mystery box is perfect for gifting to friends and family.

Summary: Love the feeling of opening a box full of surprises? The Crystal Mystery Box delivers that feeling every month. In every box, you get 4-5 high-quality crystals valued at $60+. You’ll also receive educational materials to ensure you know the properties and background of each stone. The fact that each box is a surprise makes this the perfect gift for spiritual friends and family. 

Crystal Mystery Box Review: “Long story short, if you’re debating whether to start this subscription: DO IT. This box is a great deal! I own a collection of small quarter-sized crystals and I wanted to start looking/purchasing larger crystals that weren’t too pricey. A decently sized crystal and the past three were almost the size of my palm. I received new crystals that I had never heard of the first two months and amethyst the second which is 1000 times better than the amethyst I currently own. I appreciate the description of each crystal as well and the free mini crystals that are included too.” – Hemali P.

Cosmic Crystal Box

Cosmic Crystal Box Review
If you want crystals from a certified crystal healer, look no further

Who It’s For: Perfect for those looking for affordable options curated by a certified crystal healer.

Summary: The Cosmic Crystal Box is curated by a certified crystal healer, and includes hand-picked, natural crystals from around the world. Their entry-level box gives you the option to receive crystal jewelry each month, while their Cosmic Crystal Box includes a selection of natural stones, crystals, and minerals along with descriptions for each. 

Review: “The pictures don’t even do it justice. If I could give this box 100 stars I would. Getting this box is one of the most exciting and happy days I look forward to every month. Perfect value for the price and miss zuzu the owner puts so much love and peaceful energy into every box. I highly suggest you try this box out. You will not regret it.” – Emily P.

A Little Crystal Magic

A Little Crystal Magic Subscription Review
Affordable option for those new to crystal collecting and want a little guidance

Who It’s For: An easy, affordable option for those who are new to crystal collecting and appreciate help optimizing their crystals’ energy.

Summary: Each box includes a crystal or crystal set along with activities that help you engage with your crystals and optimize their energy. Crystals included may be raw, tumbled, pyramid, sphere, and more. Also included monthly is an accompanying item like essential oils and incense.

Review: “Love all the items and the info on how to use them! The stones were a nice size and shape and the candle smells nice.” – Jackie D.

Healing Crystals

Healing Crystals Subscription Box Review
If you’re interested in understanding the metaphysical properties of your crystals, check this out

Who It’s For: Crystal collectors focused on the metaphysical properties of their collection. 

Summary: If you’re looking to bring crystals into your spiritual practice, the Healing Crystals Premium Monthly Box may be for you. This package has a unique focus on the spiritual energy properties of each crystal included in the box. Every month, you’ll receive 5-6 hand-selected natural crystals or stones. Each package comes with a crystal description guide for each stone that describes its metaphysical properties, as well as a sacred geometry grid and a velvet pouch to store your crystals safely. 

Crystal Variety Box

Crystal Variety Box Subscription Review
Want to maximize the value you get? On a quality-crystals-per-box basis, this might be your best option

Who It’s For: If you’re focused on maximizing the crystals you receive (rather than crystals plus lots of extras) this box might be the best-value way to grow your collection.

Summary: For the sheer enormity and diversity of its selection, it’s tough to beat the Crystal Variety Box. These crystals are hand-picked by an in-house team and shipped using recyclable, eco-friendly materials. You’ll get 4-6 crystals in each box, originating from all over the world, and each comes with a cloth grid. For newbies, there’s a Crystal of the Month plan that slowly introduces you to the essentials as you build out your crystal collection. Free shipping to the United States.  

Crystal Variety Box Review: “They give such an awesome group of crystals every month that help my collection grow and grow. I’m always excited to see what is coming next.” – Alisa L.

The Crystal Pouch

The Crystal Pouch Subscription Box Review
Affordable starter subscription to build up your crystal collection

Who It’s For: An excellent, affordable starter subscription for beginning collectors.

Summary: The Crystal Pouch is an easy gift for the crystal lover in your life – especially someone building their collection who’s curious about the properties of each crystal. Not only does each Crystal Pouch come with 3 raw stones and 2 rare clusters, but you also get a beautifully designed card walking you through the properties of each crystal or stone. 

The Crystal Pouch Box Review: “So in love with each item and how put together it was. Each crystal was labeled and had its own info card… I had no regrets and ended up ordering another pouch! Thank you!” – Britta B.