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Whether you’re new to mindfulness or just want to jumpstart your existing practice, this free 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge is for you! 

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The 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Free Mindfulness Challenge Email Course
You’ll get daily emails for 7 days, each with a short Mindfulness Challenge

Want to know what expect during the 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge?

Each day, you’ll learn about a key component of mindfulness. Each email has ONE mindfulness challenge to help you grow your mindfulness practice.

Each mindfulness challenge is short (1-5 minutes). But over the course of the week, you’ll build momentum and create a more sustainable practice.

Here’s what we cover.

  1. How to Be More Mindful: What to focus on when the whole subject of Mindfulness feels overwhelming.
  2. How to Be More Present: Create mindfulness habits that stick, allowing you to create massive transformation over time.
  3. 60 Seconds of Mindfulness: Ideas on finding hidden moments of mindfulness throughout your day. (One minute is enough).
  4. Mindful Eating: How to avoid slipping into ‘autopilot mode’ while you eat and instead, stay present.
  5. Gratitude: How to build a gratitude practice that lasts.
  6. Self-Compassion: How to avoid beating yourself up and instead, treat yourself as you’d treat a dear friend.
  7. How to Turn A Bad Day Around: How to ease back into present-moment awareness when difficult emotions start to arise.

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