FREE 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Whether you’re new to mindfulness or just want to jumpstart your existing practice, this free 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge is for you! 

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Here’s what you’ll get by signing up:

  • One daily mindfulness challenge x 7 days
  • Free downloadable mindfulness journal

The 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge

Free Mindfulness Challenge Email Course
You’ll get daily emails for 7 days, each with a short Mindfulness Challenge

Want to know what expect during the 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge?

Each day, you’ll learn about a key component of mindfulness. Each email has ONE mindfulness challenge to help you grow your mindfulness practice.

Each mindfulness challenge is short (1-5 minutes). But over the course of the week, you’ll build momentum and create a more sustainable practice.

Here’s what we cover.

  1. How to Be More Mindful: What to focus on when the whole subject of Mindfulness feels overwhelming.
  2. How to Be More Present: Create mindfulness habits that stick, allowing you to create massive transformation over time.
  3. 60 Seconds of Mindfulness: Ideas on finding hidden moments of mindfulness throughout your day. (One minute is enough).
  4. Mindful Eating: How to avoid slipping into ‘autopilot mode’ while you eat and instead, stay present.
  5. Gratitude: How to build a gratitude practice that lasts.
  6. Self-Compassion: How to avoid beating yourself up and instead, treat yourself as you’d treat a dear friend.
  7. How to Turn A Bad Day Around: How to ease back into present-moment awareness when difficult emotions start to arise.

The Mindfulness Journal

Free Mindfulness Journal Printable
You can print it or journal digitally using the editable fields in the PDF

By starting the 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge, you’ll also receive a downloadable Mindfulness Journal.

The purpose of this journal is to help you check in with yourself during the 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge.

You can either print this journal or fill it out digitally. It has editable fields, so it’s easy to journal on your computer and re-save the PDF to come back to later.

Here’s what you can expect from the mindfulness journal:

  • A Mindful Planner to set the right intentions for your week
  • A journal page for each day of the week
  • Writing prompts to make it easier to journal and check in with yourself
Mindfulness Journal Template Preview
The mindfulness journal contains a weekly Mindful Planner and space for daily reflections

Ready for the 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge?

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