A 9-Minute Guided Confidence Meditation Script (+ Audio)

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Updated: February 21, 2024
  • Time to read: 3 min.

A confidence meditation is one way to begin to trust yourself, and your own intuition, in a stronger way. This short guided meditation for self esteem and confidence will help you make progress toward building trust in yourself.

By repeating affirmations that promote trust in yourself and increased self-worth, you can internalize an enhanced sense of confidence.

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Over time, this process can help you shift your default perspective towards an abiding trust in your own intuition and abilities.

A 9-Minute Guided Meditation for Confidence

This self confidence meditation script can provide a structure that helps you grow in confidence each day. 

You may want to follow along with the accompanying audio as you read each affirmation, by clicking the embedded video below.

You can also download this guided meditation for self confidence as a printable PDF at the bottom of this article.

Let’s begin with a guided meditation on confidence using affirmations.

Confidence is a practice. It can take time.

Be gentle with yourself if these affirmations don’t feel authentic yet. Over time, you will internalize them more.

As emotions come up in the course of this meditation, do your best to acknowledge them nonjudgmentally. Treat your emotions like clouds passing by. Notice them, but let them pass.

Begin by settling into a seated position. Make sure you feel comfortable. 

Now, focus on your breathing. What does your breath feel like as it enters your nose, and exits your mouth?

Keep breathing. Zoom out, noticing how your entire body feels.

Are you holding any tension? Notice how your shoulders, your back, and your jaw feel. For many people, those areas tend to hold tension. If so, invite yourself to release the tension.

Don’t worry if your mind starts to wander. Just gently bring your attention back to your breath, and to the feeling of warmth and confidence as you continue to take slow, deep breaths.

Confidence Meditation Featured
Choosing to enter new situations with a belief in your own abilities is a powerful mindset

Now, repeat the following confidence affirmations slowly, with warmth and gentleness towards yourself:

I am comfortable and confident being my true self.

The people around me enjoy spending time with me.

I approach each new situation with confidence and a belief in my own abilities.

I am not afraid to take risks, because I believe in my ability to adapt.

I’m quick to apologize for mistakes, but I don’t apologize for my emotions or for being myself.

Validation from others doesn’t matter to me. I only need validation from myself.

I respect myself. When others make me feel small, I choose to stand up for myself.

I choose self-support over self-deprecation.

I choose to say what I believe without worrying about judgment.

I’m allowed to let go of people who don’t make me happy.

Each time I make a mistake, I learn and grow.

I deserve to feel strong and confident. I deserve to believe in myself.

Every part of me is worthy – even my flaws and imperfections.

My confidence is contagious.

Everything I need is already inside me.

Whatever I envision for myself, and my life, is possible.

Obstacles only motivate me to keep trying.

I am smart, persistent, and capable.

My mood isn’t dependent on the opinions of others.

Leaving my comfort zone is hard, but I know growth is on the other side.

I compare myself with the past version of me – not with other people.

When I make a decision, I have conviction and stand behind it.

I express my true self with ease.

Confidence comes easily to me.

Everything I want is on its way to me.

I love the person I’m becoming. 

When you’re ready, open your eyes. 

Notice how you feel. 

Bring these feelings of confidence with you throughout the day and remember:

Whenever you need it, it’s already inside of you.

Download this meditation for confidence

Confidence Affirmations Meditation Script 1

Download this confidence meditation script as a PDF by clicking the button below:

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