77 Confidence Affirmations to Improve Self-Esteem

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Updated: August 15, 2023
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Affirmations for confidence can help you strengthen your trust in yourself and in your own instincts and abilities. Feelings of low self-esteem create an inaccurate view of the world that makes you underestimate yourself and your own strengths. This list of affirmations is designed to build feelings of confidence, self-worth, and belief in yourself.

Feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem limit your potential. They create an inaccurate view of the world in your heads – one in which you think you’re capable of less than you truly are.

As you have more and more success in life, sometimes confidence can increase naturally. But low self-esteem is an attitude that can affect even high-achievers. 

That’s why affirmations for confidence can be so helpful. 

By replacing thoughts of inadequacy with thoughts of self-worth and strength, you can begin to show up in the world with greater confidence. Repeating these affirmations in the context of a confidence meditation can be a good way to internalize them.

Below is a printable PDF version of this list of affirmations for confidence.

Let’s dive into the affirmations below.

77 Affirmations for confidence

77 Affirmations for Confidence p1
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  1. I’m comfortable being myself around other people.
  2. My choices in life are within my control. 
  3. I have within me the power to handle any situation. 
  4. I am worthy of having whatever I want in life.
  5. I respect myself. When others make me feel small, I choose to stand up for myself.
  6. The people around me enjoy spending time with me.
  7. When I don’t enjoy someone’s company, I have no obligation to spend time with them.
  8. I approach each new situation with confidence and a belief in my own abilities.
  9. I am not afraid to take risks, because I believe in my ability to adapt.
  10. I’m quick to apologize for mistakes, but I don’t apologize for my emotions or for being myself.
  11. Being myself is a privilege.
  12. I’m not for everyone. Not everyone has to like me.
  13. Each minute, I’m becoming stronger. 
  14. The process of life has twists and turns. I trust each step. 
  15. When setbacks happen, I have the power to overcome them.
  16. Everything I need is already inside of me.
  17. Each morning when I rise, I’m filled with motivation.
  18. I’m allowed to ask for help while still being self-sufficient and independent.
Affirmations for Confidence 2
There’s no limit to what you can create in your life
  1. Whatever I envision for myself, and my life, is possible.
  2. I bring focus and strength to each day.
  3. Obstacles only motivate me to keep trying.
  4. I am smart, persistent, and capable.
  5. Leaving my comfort zone is hard, but I know growth is on the other side.
  6. My mood isn’t dependent on the opinions of others.
  7. Every day, I grow in confidence. Every day, I trust my intuition more.
  8. I’m grateful for everything that made me who I am today.
  9. When I receive compliments, I accept them with gratitude.
  10. My inner confidence is just waiting to be unleashed.
  11. My intuition is strong. When I have an instinct about something, I listen to it.
  12. As I inhale, confidence enters my body. As I exhale, fear exits my body.
  13. My reserves of strength are endless.
  14. The strength I have inside me is greater than I realize.
  15. What sometimes seems hard for me to handle can, in fact, come easily to me.
  16. I feel comfortable in my own body.
  17. When I achieve difficult things, I become even more confident.
  18. The things that make me “me,” are entirely unique in this world.
  19. Meeting other people and making friends comes naturally to me.
  20. I choose to release my insecurities. 
  21. I choose to express the emotions I feel, rather than hide them.
  22. Each day, I get closer to reaching my goals.
  23. When I look back at the version of myself from a few years ago, I’m proud of how far I’ve come.
  24. Success reverberates through every moment of my day.
  25. I choose the goals I pursue, without influence from the expectations of others.
  26. My confidence attracts people to me.
  27. When difficulties arise in life, I am resilient.
  28. I judge my own success by my dedication and willingness to keep putting in the work.
  29. I am capable. When I set my mind to something, I can do it.
  30. With practice and training, there is no skill I can’t master.
Affirmations for Confidence 3
Confidence helps you release the fear of judgment
  1. As I become more comfortable with who I am, my fears of failure and judgment fade away.
  2. Validation from others doesn’t matter to me. I only need validation from myself. 
  3. I choose self-support over self-deprecation.
  4. I am comfortable and confident being my true self.
  5. I choose to say what I believe without worrying about judgment.
  6. I’m confident enough to let go of people who don’t make me happy.
  7. Each time I make a mistake, I learn and grow.
  8. I deserve to feel strong and confident. I deserve to believe in myself.
  9. Every part of me is worthy, even my flaws and imperfections.
  10. My confidence is contagious.
  11. I am seen in this world. I matter.
  12. I am capable of doing amazing things.
  13. When I’m true to myself, I’m also the most confident version of myself.
  14. I can visualize the best version of myself, and I’m getting closer every day. 
  15. I’m grateful for how far I’ve come in life, and for everything I’ve accomplished.
  16. Who I become in life is under my control. 
  17. I deserve to celebrate wins in life, no matter how small.
  18. My voice deserves to be heard. My opinions matter.
  19. When I follow my intuition, I know I’m making the right choices in life.
  20. Each day, I feel myself radiating strength and confidence.
  21. Perfection isn’t my goal; I can be confident while being flawed.
  22. I feel proud of myself for each small way I’ve improved my life.
  23. I choose to accept myself, the good and the bad.
  24. I compare myself with the past version of me – not with other people.
  25. When I make a decision, I have conviction and stand behind it.
  26. Confidence comes easily to me.
  27. I love the person I’m becoming. 
  28. Everything I want is on its way to me.
  29. I express my true self with ease.
Affirmations for Confidence 4
Speaking up and sharing your opinion comes naturally as your confidence grows

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