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The Bible on a table

Is Mindfulness Biblical? (Examples)

Is mindfulness Biblical? Mindfulness is a modern concept that didn’t exist in Biblical times. However, many mindfulness practices have Biblical parallels. There is a robust discussion in religious communities as to whether these should be associated with the term “mindfulness.”  Mindfulness is a modern term that didn’t exist when the books that make up the Bible…

Woman sitting next to a tree thinking about whether manifestation is a sin

Is Manifestation A Sin?

Manifestation is not a sin. It’s a way to create a vision and make progress towards your goals. However, because of the new age spiritual language often associated with manifestation, there is controversy around this topic in the Christian community. In the last few years, manifestation has skyrocketed in popularity.  Manifestation is a way to create…

Statue of the buddha

Is Mindfulness Religious?

Is mindfulness religious? No, it isn’t. Rather, mindfulness is a secular toolkit that can help reduce stress and improve well-being. However, there is a tangled ancient and modern relationship between religion, spirituality and mindfulness. Let’s clear up any doubt: mindfulness is not religious. And, at least as practiced in scientific studies, it’s not even necessarily…

How to Be More Mindful 3

How to Be More Mindful

Wondering how to be more mindful? Start by treating your mind like a laboratory. What works for everyone is different. Your primary job is to become an expert on yourself, and learn how the tools of mindfulness interact with your own mental landscape. That can feel less intimidating than aiming to become an expert on…

Mother and daughter meditating on the couch together

9 Examples of Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Wondering how to experience mindfulness? Examples of mindfulness in everyday life are everywhere. Mindfulness isn’t just about meditation. From mindful eating to cuddling with your dog to mindful walking, mindfulness is more about how you show up in the present moment than any specific activity. Most of us want to be more mindful, but common…

Woman wearing a superman style cape to illustrate that mindfulness is a superpower

Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower

Mindfulness is a superpower because it continually nudges us onto the path of growth. As humans, we spend so much of our time thinking about the future or the past, stuck in cycles of emotional reactivity, and ruminating endlessly. Mindfulness gives us the tools to break out of negative patterns of thinking and reimagine our…