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  • Updated: May 11, 2022
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Looking for the best mindfulness blogs on the Internet? Top ten lists are a dime a dozen, so I decided to populate this one with mindfulness blogs that I—personally—regularly read and enjoy.

Zen Habits and Raptitude, for example, are some of my favorite sites on the Internet and I’ve read them for years.

I’ve also checked to make sure each site has fresh content, so you’re getting the latest information possible.

I hope you enjoy these mindfulness and meditation blogs as much as I do.

Let’s get started.

1. Zen Habits

top mindfulness blog zen habits

Let me start, as every list of mindfulness blogs must, with Zen Habits.

It happens to be a personal favorite of mine that I’ve read for years. Leo Babauta has been writing Zen Habits since what feels like the beginning of the Internet. (A quick fact check shows it’s been around since 2007).

With his trademark minimalist aesthetic, Leo’s website is beautiful to read through and his email list is absolutely worth joining. He’s also packaged his significant meditation and mindfulness experience into a number of books.

2. Raptitude

top mindfulness blog raptitude

I’ve been a Raptitude reader since 2015, and I’m convinced it may be the best site on the Internet. It stays true to its tagline, Getting Better at Being Human, exploring all aspects of the human experience. Writer David Cain has been running it since 2009.

David treats himself like a human mindfulness laboratory, running dozens of self-improvement experiments on himself and reporting the results. His challenges have led him to start a daily meditation practice and guide hundreds of other people to start their own practices.

3. The Minimalists

top mindfulness blog the minimalists

I used to be a more strident minimalist than I am now.

For years, I thought about whittling down my possessions and living in a tiny house. Now, with a partner and dogs, I’m not dreaming of a tiny house anymore. But the philosophy of minimalism still resonates with me and ties in nicely with mindfulness.

Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus run The Minimalists. They’ve taken their message to books, a podcast, and even a Netflix documentary. But the blog is still excellent.

Check it out below.

4. Live and Dare

top mindfulness blog live and dare

Giovanni Dienstmann walks the talk when it comes to meditation.

He’s practiced meditation daily for 18 years, a total of 9,000 hours of practice, and nearly became a monk.

Today, he blogs about meditation and runs a program through his website that’s taught thousands of people to meditate.

5. On Being

top mindfulness blog on being

Having listened to quite a few of Krista Tippett’s podcasts over the years and read her excellent book, I had high expectations for her blog. It doesn’t disappoint.

Recent articles cover topics like how to do a compassionate body scan and an “unfolding poem” for uncertain times.

Read the blog, then read her book “Becoming Wise,” too.

6. Tiny Buddha

top mindfulness blog tiny buddha

One of the most visited mindfulness sites on the Internet, Tiny Buddha is run by Lori Deschene and features contributors from across the mindfulness and wellness spectrum.

With 5,000+ blog posts, there’s an enormous wealth of resources and a focus on authors exploring their shared humanity with readers.

7. The Blissful Mind

top mindfulness blog the blissful mind

The Blissful Mind, run by Catherine Beard, focuses on mindset, self-care, personal growth, and productivity.

A recent article called ‘How to Practice Gratitude When It’s Not Working For You’ rang true to me: Catherine calls out the negativity bias that’s common in our minds, and reminds us that gratitude practice is to rewire ourselves for positivity.

Definitely worth a read.

8. Everyday Mindfulness

top mindfulness blog everyday mindfulness

Sometimes, you feel like really getting inside someone’s head and understanding what drew them towards mindfulness, and what the impact on their life has been. Everyday Mindfulness is the spot for that.

A recent post by Jon Wilde, for example, tells the story of how mindfulness was immediately transformative to his life and, in his experience, made life worth living.

It’s deeply personal and worth a read, as are the other entries on this site.

9. Mrs Mindfulness

top mindfulness blog mrs mindfulness

Melli O’Brien runs Mrs Mindfulness, and it’s hard to find someone more qualified to speak on the topic.

A qualified meditation, mindfulness, and yoga teacher, Melli is co-founder of and co-founder and host of The Mindfulness Summit.

Check out her blog below.


top mindfulness blog

A giant in the mindfulness space, has one of the most complete guides on “How to Meditate” out there, in addition to regular content on how to improve your focus, sleep, sense of calm, compassion, and reduce your anxiety.

If you’re dealing with an issue that mindfulness can support, it’s likely that has explored it.

Further Inspiration

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