World Mindfulness Day is September 12

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Updated: August 15, 2023
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Mindfulness Day happens every year on September 12. Mindfulness Day was first launched by the nonprofit Wisdom Publications in 2010 as a way to spread awareness about mindfulness. People celebrate Mindfulness Day by engaging in meditation or yoga, by joining a group mindfulness activity, or by using the occasion to kick off a new mindfulness habit.

How do you celebrate Mindfulness Day?

An illustration of Mindfulness Day with people doing yoga and meditating in front of a globe

One of the best ways to celebrate Mindfulness Day?

Use it as an excuse to kick off a new mindfulness habit.

Add meditation into your schedule, or choose another way to find a small moment of mindfulness in your day.

One easy way to do this is to join a group meditation session online, or attend an event locally.

5 ideas to celebrate Mindfulness Day

Here are a few ways you might consider adding mindfulness activities into your life on Mindfulness Day.

Five Ideas for Mindfulness Day 1
These ideas can help you reboot your mindfulness practice on Mindfulness Day.

1. Try a meditation challenge

A meditation challenge lets you polish your meditation skills. It also lets you lay a foundation for a stronger habit.

Whether you challenge yourself to meditate on a single day or join a longer mindfulness challenge, Mindfulness Day is a great time to take meditation seriously.

2. Download a mindfulness app

Downloading a mindfulness app is a perfect way to kick off a longer-term mindfulness habit. September 12 can be a turning point in the way you approach mindfulness. Consider starting with a free app like Insight Timer. Set it up to remind you to meditate at a certain time of the day.

By doing this, you’re setting up a foundation for continued daily action

3. Join a group mindfulness activity

Meditation Groups Worldwide
Map of mindfulness groups available on

There are free group meditations all around the world. has nearly thousands of meditation groups across dozens of cities in the world. Millions of members are part of these groups.

You can also join a free online group meditation. For example, runs group meditations every hour, five days a week.

4. Experiment with a new meditation technique

Already have a regular meditation practice?

Mindfulness Day may be a good chance to experiment with a new form of mindfulness. Try a new meditation practice, like mantra meditation or Shaolin meditation.

This is a good way to shake you out of your routine. It can also help you pay more attention, especially if you’re losing inspiration in your existing practice.

5. Commit to another mindfulness exercise like yoga or journaling

Maybe you’re not sure if meditation is for you.

Or perhaps you’re already doing meditation regularly and want to try something else.

Add yoga into the mix as an addition to your meditation practice. Consider going it before your meditation session, if you do both in the same sitting.

You might also consider journaling, to put you in a more mindful state of mind.

Looking for more?

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Growing your mindfulness habit on Mindfulness Day

You don’t have to wait until your New Year’s resolution to make a change.

Kick off a new mindfulness habit on September 12 instead.

Mindfulness Day on September 12 is the perfect reminder to reboot your meditation and mindfulness habit.

Download a mindfulness app, try a new meditation exercise, join a meditation group, or simply renew your efforts to be mindful each day.

Your future self will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Mindfulness Day?

Yes. Mindfulness Day is September 12 each year.