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Understanding the emotional vibration chart to see what frequency emotions have

Emotional Frequency Chart (How to INCREASE Your Vibrational Frequency)

The Emotional Vibration Chart maps the range of human emotions to higher and lower frequencies. Peace and joy are higher vibration emotions, while shame and guilt are lower vibration emotions. You’ve heard people talk about good vibrations, high vibrations, and low vibrations.  Is this just a saying, or is there something more to it? We’ve…

Man meditating outside

How Long Does Meditation Take to Work?

The effects of meditation are most commonly seen within eight weeks of daily practice. However, it’s possible for meditation practitioners to notice small changes before that—even as soon as the first meditation session. It’s also possible to have difficulty noticing the changes brought on by meditation even after eight weeks of practice. The experience differs…

Woman staring at a computer screen showing a mindfulness Zoom meeting with three other women in the meeting

17 Zoom Mindfulness Activities (for Calmer Virtual Meetings)

Zoom meetings and virtual meetings can be chaotic and overwhelming. Whether you’re trying to manage a virtual classroom full of students, running a business meeting, or conducting a remote mindfulness or meditation seminar, mindfulness can help. Mindfulness activities are a great way to set the tone for your virtual meeting, or to help reset the…

Young man closing eyes mindfully

21 One Minute Mindfulness Exercises (That You Can Do Anywhere)

A one minute mindfulness exercise is anything you can do in 60 seconds or less to center yourself, ground yourself, and pull yourself into present awareness. These routines are brief, but help you incorporate the principles of mindfulness into your life — especially when you’re short on time. In an ideal world, every day we…

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A woman in a field practicing mindfulness with her hand over her heart and eyes closed

Mindfulness Day is September 12

Mindfulness Day happens every year on September 12. Mindfulness Day was first launched by the nonprofit Wisdom Publications in 2010 as a way to spread awareness about mindfulness. People celebrate Mindfulness Day by engaging in meditation or yoga, by joining a group mindfulness activity, or by using the occasion to kick off a new mindfulness…

Mindfulness resources downloadable printable

55 Mindfulness Resources & PDFs (The Ultimate List)

If you’re looking to download free mindfulness resources and printable PDFs for your classroom or mindfulness group, you’ve come to the right place. From gratitude to meditation to mindful eating exercises, the below resources are a comprehensive introduction to the subject of mindfulness. Feel free to download and print the following mindfulness resources. See something…

Using Urge Surfing to Stop Cravings

Urge Surfing (How to STOP Cravings Mindfully)

Urge surfing is a way to create a mindful pause between cravings and action by “riding the wave” of your urges as they rise and subside. By surfing urges instead of acting on them right away, you can give yourself a chance to choose the action you want to take, rather than doing it on…

Mantras for Confidence Featured 2

15 Mantras for Confidence (+ Printable)

Mantras for confidence can help you cultivate trust in yourself, your instincts, and your abilities. Oftentimes, feelings of low self-esteem can create a distorted view of the world in which you underestimate yourself and your own strengths. This list of mantras for confidence is designed to build feelings of self-worth, trust, and belief in yourself….

Self Love Meditation Featured

A 9-Minute Self Love Meditation (Guided)

A self love meditation is a way to internalize compassion and love for yourself. This short guided meditation for self love can help you start to rewire your brain for self love, positivity, and inherent worthiness. For some reason, we often tend to treat ourselves worse than we treat others. Forgiving ourselves is often harder…

Confidence Meditation

A 9-Minute Confidence Meditation (Guided)

A confidence meditation is one way to begin to trust yourself, and your own intuition, in a stronger way. This short meditation will help you make progress towards building trust and confidence in yourself. By repeating affirmations that promote trust in yourself and increased self-worth, you can internalize an enhanced sense of confidence. Over time,…