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Woman sitting on her bed meditating with her eyes open

How to Meditate with Eyes Open vs Eyes Closed

Wondering how to meditate with eyes open vs eyes closed? Some meditation traditions default to recommending eyes closed during meditation, but others recommend keeping your eyes open. There are benefits and drawbacks to each method. Most of us default to closing our eyes when we meditate. But we don’t have to. Monks in east Asia…

Woman practicing meditation next to a laptop

How Often Should You Practice Mindfulness?

While mindfulness has a variety of forms, for many people, meditation is their go-to method of mindfulness. If you’re not sure how often to practice, shoot for 13-15 minutes per day over the course of 8 weeks. Here’s a scenario you might have faced: You’ve decided to take action—you’re going to get your mindfulness practice…

Monk meditating on top of a mountain

Zen Meditation vs Mindfulness

The main difference between Zen meditation and mindfulness is that while both cultivate awareness, Zen meditation is firmly rooted in Buddhism, while the modern mindfulness movement is secular. The goal of Zen meditation is to achieve a state of pure awareness and enlightenment. Meanwhile, mindfulness is a secular awareness practice. It isn’t connected to a…

Artwork of Jesus holding one hand up

Did Jesus Meditate? Evidence from the Bible and Ancient Palestine

Did Jesus meditate? In short, yes — but it depends on the definition of meditation used. Biblical records show Jesus spent much time in solitary prayer and contemplation. In addition, some Jewish teachers in the time of Jesus were beginning to adopt a more personal, mystical approach to religion. There’s significant debate about whether Jesus…

Group of people on meditation retreat

My 10-Day Silent Retreat Experience (What to Expect)

When I went on a 10-day silent meditation retreat, I had no idea what to expect. If you’re considering a meditation retreat, my hope is that my experience may help you. Wondering what it’s like to go on a meditation retreat, and if it’s worth it? The retreat I joined was a 10-day silent meditation retreat….

Woman falling asleep while meditating

Why Meditation Is Hard (And 4 Ways to Make It Easier)

Why is meditation hard? It’s hard because the human mind is wired for distraction. Our bodies are designed to watch for threats and conserve energy. In some ways, to meditate is to fight the instincts that come most naturally to us. But with practice, it can become easier. Mindfulness isn’t easy. The human mind is…