51 Affirmations for Financial Freedom

  • By: Ryan Kane
  • Updated: August 15, 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Affirmations for financial freedom help you improve your attitude towards money based on the psychological principle of self-affirmation. Over time, affirmations allow you to shift your identity so financial success comes easier to you.

First of all, are affirmations for money a real thing?

Yes—and believe it or not, there’s science behind it. 

Of course, affirmations aren’t magic.

But replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts has legitimate grounding in the fields of psychology and neuroscience.

For example, what happens if your money narrative is:

“I have a hard time making money”?

You may end up taking lower-earning opportunities. Doing so fits with your current expectations of yourself.

An affirmation in this case might be something like:

Making money comes easily to me.” 

As a result, your identity starts to subtly shift and eventually create a real impact on your choices and outcomes.

Affirmations for Financial Freedom

Image of 51 Affirmations for Money
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  1. I’m wise with the ways I make, spend, and invest my money.
  2. There are no limits to what I can do.
  3. I am worthy of being financially stable.
  4. Financial freedom is my destiny.
Affirmation for money: 'Financial freedom is my destiny.'
  1. I believe I can have it both ways: do what I love and be well-compensated for it.
  2. Money is a positive influence on my life.
  3. I am already on the road to financial success.
  4. I am done playing small. Now, I’m all about playing big.
  5. The happier I am, the more money I make.
  6. Money helps me do things that matter to me.
  7. My financial situation is constantly evolving.
  8. I am grateful for what I already have.
  9. Money naturally comes my way.
  10. I am worth making more money.
  11. When receiving money, I feel gratitude rather than resistance.
  12. Money has positive associations for me.
  13. I allow myself to spend freely on the things I love.
  14. I allow myself to be generous with my money.
  15. Losses and money mistakes are necessary along the road to building wealth.
  16. Money is a good thing. It creates a positive impact in my life.
  17. It’s possible to do something I believe in and make money.
  18. Getting rich is not a bad thing.
  19. Each day, I’m more and more confident in my money instincts.
  20. When I follow my joy, I make more money.
  21. In five years, my financial situation will be unrecognizable.
  22. The financial goals I have today will look small in the future.
  23. Money expands what’s possible in my life.
  24. When I think of money, I feel abundance, not lack.
  25. I trust that I will have the money I need to live the life I want.
  26. I release myself from tension around money.
Affirmation for money: 'I release myself from tension around money.'
  1. Money doesn’t have a hold over me.
  2. When I take my credit card out, I spend happily and gratefully.
  3. It is not selfish to want to be financially stable.
  4. Wealth allows me to live a life I love.
  5. The things I love can become profitable for me.
  6. I’m skilled at building multiple streams of income.
  7. The pursuit of profit can also do good.
  8. I choose to remove limiting beliefs about how much income I deserve.
  9. My savings account will always be a sufficient safety net for me.
  10. My level of income in the future will be unrecognizable.
  11. Every skill I need to make money is inside me.
  12. The amount of money I can make is limitless.
  13. There is no reason I cannot be, or shouldn’t be, wealthy.
  14. Abundance is all around me.
  15. Everything I’ve learned has prepared me for the next step in my wealth journey.
Money affirmation - 'Everything I've learned has prepared me for the next step in my wealth journey'
  1. My judgment around money is solid. 
  2. When opportunities arise to make money, I notice.
  3. I am intelligent with my money.
  4. Managing my money well makes me happy.
  5. I know how to make money work for me.
  6. I am at peace with my finances.

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